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Connect, Collaborate, and Convert with Salesforce Community Cloud


These days, your customers are everywhere. They’re on social media channels, they’re posting reviews on Google and Yelp, and they may even be talking about your business in an online forum or community chat room. Community Cloud gives you the tools to engage your customers with the right content at the right time. Community Cloud helps you connect with customers across multiple channels like Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Salesforce Communities to help them find answers quickly from experts in the field—all from one place. It also gives users access to files that can be shared seamlessly between teams and geographies within seconds without having to worry about version control issues or other friction points typically associated with this type of collaboration.

Community Cloud gives you the tools to engage your customers with the right content at the right time.

  • Community Cloud is a platform for engagement.
  • Community Cloud is a platform for collaboration.
  • Community Cloud is a platform for conversion.
  • And it’s also the perfect tool to help you gain insights into your data, so that you can make better decisions about how to engage with your customers in the future.

Connect your customers, partners, and employees in one place.

Connect your customers, partners, and employees in one place.

Use the same tools to engage your customers, partners and employees.

Engage your customers in the same place.

Connect, Collaborate, and Convert with Salesforce Community Cloud

Deliver messages across multiple channels.

Use Salesforce Community Cloud to deliver messages across multiple channels. You can use email, SMS, and push notifications to reach your audience in the way that makes sense for them. For example, if you’re sending an email about a new product or service offering for business customers but you know that many of them are mobile-first users who prefer push notifications over emails or phone calls–you can send the same message using both methods. This is called multi-channel messaging (or cross-channel marketing) and it’s one of the best ways to increase conversion rates because it gives your prospects more options on how they want to engage with your brand

Collaborate across teams and geographies.

Collaboration is key to success. Salesforce Community Cloud makes it easy for you to collaborate with team members and other stakeholders in real time, share files, and work together on a single platform.

  • Improve productivity: Share information instantly with coworkers or clients across departments or geographies–even if they’re not in the office at the same time as you.
  • Make decisions faster: You can get everyone’s input on any project by sharing documents like spreadsheets or presentations within seconds of sending them out via email attachment so everyone has access from wherever they are at any given moment in time without having to log into multiple systems just to see what needs doing next!
  • Increase employee satisfaction: By enabling people who work remotely into meetings more easily (and often), organizations are able increase satisfaction because employees aren’t missing out on opportunities that may arise during those gatherings.”

Conveniently share files and work together in real time.

The Community Cloud helps you share your files and collaborate with customers, partners and employees in real time.

  • Share the right documents with the right people. With Salesforce Files you can securely share files directly from Salesforce or upload them from Dropbox or Box. You can also invite external users to collaborate on a file with you–they’ll have access to all your conversations around that file so they know what’s going on at any given time.
  • Share documents in real time by adding comments directly into Salesforce Files using our new commenting feature!

Build brand awareness and boost conversions.

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Boost conversions.

If you’re looking to build your brand, build relationships with customers, and gather feedback from customers all at once, communities are a great way to do it. Communities can be used for both purposes–and they’re often quite effective in doing so.

Improve lead and customer engagement with communities.

Communities are the perfect way to engage with your customers, whether you’re looking to host events, create surveys or collect feedback. Communities can also be used as a forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration between team members.

In addition to helping you improve lead and customer engagement, Salesforce Community Cloud offers a number of other benefits:

  • A sense of community – Communities provide an opportunity for employees who work remotely or have flexible schedules as well as customers who aren’t directly involved with the business (but still want access) to connect over shared interests through discussion boards, polls or photo galleries. This fosters a sense of belonging that boosts productivity by encouraging collaboration among employees who may not otherwise interact with each other on a regular basis due to geographical constraints

Manage your community and gain insights from your data.

Manage your community and gain insights from your data.

  • Manage the community, including the content, members, and activity.
  • Use analytics to understand your community.
  • Use the Community Cloud Console to monitor activity in real time or over time by using report cards on key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Analyze member activity with reports that help you measure engagement and retention rates for each member of the community.
  • View detailed information about conversations happening in private groups or public communities via email notifications sent directly to team members’ inboxes–or within Salesforce itself through its “Community Inbox” feature! This way no one misses out on important discussions happening within groups they’re not actively participating in yet!

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Salesforce Community Cloud is a powerful tool that can help you engage your customers, partners, and employees in one place. The best part? It’s easy to use and available across all Salesforce products so you can connect your community with the rest of your business in no time.

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