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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tips


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools available today. It allows you to create targeted campaigns, nurture leads and customers, automate your social media efforts, generate custom reports, and more. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can streamline your entire marketing process from start to finish—which makes it an ideal tool for professional sales teams as well as small businesses just getting into the game.

If you want to maximize your results with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, here are some tips that will help:

Use the Marketing Cloud Email Campaign Builder

The Email Campaign Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to create, manage and send email campaigns. You can use it to create new contacts and lists, import existing contacts into your Salesforce account, set up templates for your emails and track their success.

The first step is to create a campaign by clicking “Create Campaign” in the upper right corner of the page. Once your new campaign is created, click on “Manage” next to that name under “My Campaigns” (see below). This will bring up all sorts of settings for managing this particular campaign including:

  • Importing Contacts – You can import contacts from other sources such as MailChimp or Google Sheets into Salesforce so they’re available for use later when creating an email list within this section (this also happens automatically if adding someone directly via their email address). This way they don’t have any trouble finding out who sent them what message!
  • Setting Up Your Template – Once imported into this section users can then customize their message before sending out emails with personalized content based on each recipient’s interests or demographics information collected about them through various channels like social media platforms etcetera…

Automate Your Social Media Campaigns

As you know, social media is an excellent way to build your brand awareness and engage with current and potential customers. It’s also a great way to generate leads by driving traffic to your website, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the content creation required for these types of campaigns. Fortunately, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has built-in automation tools that allow you to create automated social media campaigns that save time while still achieving high levels of engagement!

For example: let’s say that every Monday morning at 9am EST we want our Twitter account (@mycompany) post something interesting about our product or service (e.g., “Our new widget saves businesses $1 million per year!”). This might sound like something only people who enjoy writing tweets would enjoy doing every week…but what if we could simply set up an Automated Social Media Campaign instead? For example:

  • Create a new campaign called “Monday Motivation” in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Set up rules based on when people are most likely tweeting about productivity tips or business advice (e.g., Mon-Fri between 8am-5pm EST). Then add those keywords into your rule criteria so as soon as someone uses them within their tweet during those hours on any given day then automatically publish it through Twitter without having anyone actually write anything themselves!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tips

Create and Deploy Custom Reports in Salesforce

Custom reports in Salesforce are powerful tools for understanding and measuring your marketing activity. You can use these custom reports to drive action, measure progress, and inform strategy.

Here’s how:

  • Create a custom report using the Report Builder tool. This process is similar to creating any other report in Salesforce–you’ll define your audience (which could be anyone from customers to employees), select the metrics that matter most to them (e.g., number of leads generated), set up filters (e.g., by geography), choose which fields should populate each part of the report (e.g., “Lead Source”), and more!
  • Deploy it as an app so it’s easily accessible by everyone who needs access–and make sure everyone knows how awesome this new tool is too!

Use Salesforce as a Lead Nurturing Tool

To get started, you’ll need to create a campaign. Click on the Campaign tab in the top left corner of your Salesforce window and select New Campaign from the dropdown menu. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can enter all of your campaign details such as name and description, along with selecting which leads should receive this particular email series.

Once you’ve created your first campaign, it’s time to set up its rules! By default every new email template comes equipped with an automation rule that sends it out once per day; however there are many ways that marketers can use automation rules within their lead nurturing campaigns including:

  • Automatically sending personalized emails based on user behavior (e.g., if someone opens an email but doesn’t click through)
  • Sending messages at certain times during weekdays or weekends based on customer location

Create a Marketing Playbook for Faster Results

The Marketing Playbook is a great way to organize your team’s goals, define success, and measure progress. It also helps identify opportunities for improvement so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

The playbook should be updated regularly as you move through each phase of your product life cycle or campaign timeline. If you’re using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly known as ExactTarget), here are some tips on how best to use this powerful tool:

  • Create a template for each new campaign or product launch by copying an existing one in your library; this ensures that all essential fields are included in every new instance of the Playbook (i.e., contact list names).
  • Use custom fields in Contacts & Accounts, Notifications & Email Templates, Campaign Sets & Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads (if applicable), Campaign Builder Templates, Landing Pages & Webpages–you name it! Anything else? Yep – even Custom Objects if need be! The sky’s the limit here folks!

Achieving success with salesforce marketing cloud requires a well-planned strategy

As a marketer, you need to have a strategy in place. When you’re developing your marketing campaign, there are several steps that should be taken:

  • Create a marketing strategy. This includes identifying your target audience and knowing your competition.
  • Set goals for your campaign based on these factors so that you can measure success at the end of it all! Be sure to have the right resources in place before getting started too–you don’t want any unexpected surprises when it comes time for execution!

Savvy Data Cloud Consulting can help your business be successful with Salesforce

Savvy Data Cloud Consulting can help your business be successful with Salesforce. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.


We hope that this post has given you some insight into how Salesforce can be used as a marketing tool. It’s not just about sending out emails and posting on social media–it’s about automating your entire marketing process so that it runs more efficiently and effectively. With the right tools in place, you can get better results faster than ever before!

Savvy Data Cloud Consulting

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